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Your plans didn’t include pregnancy.  As you look around your college campus you probably see fellow students, faculty and staff.  You see friends, and those you recognize but haven’t personally met.  It is a cultural collective of social diversity.  However, there is probably one group that is glaringly missing.  Where are all the pregnant women? Their absence may have you feeling isolated, scared, desperate, and confused. Stateline Pregnancy Clinic is here to help you.  We can help you with a pregnancy test and medically verify your gestational date with an ultrasound, and assist with information regarding your pregnancy options.  All our services are free and confidential. Located only a few blocks west of downtown Beloit, at 347 West Grand Avenue, the Clinic is easy to get to, and The Beloit Transit system has a bus stop right next door. 

It’s your choice. Whatever you choose to do it is vital you make a well informed decision.  It’s important you know exactly what you are choosing and that you get all the facts. Statistics show that pregnant college-aged women make up 46% of today’s abortions.  It may be safe to assume there is enormous pressure on women to abort rather than carry their child to term.  Where does the pressure you are feeling come from?  Is it coming from the Health Center directing women to pro-abortion doctors or facilities?  Perhaps it comes from peers – who fail to acknowledge the strength and courage of those who choose to carry to term?  Maybe the pressure comes from your own fear based self-talk about your future.  Don’t react out of fear.  Respond with a choice that is informed.  We have professional and trained staff members who can help you make a quantifiable choice regarding your unplanned pregnancy.

It’s your Life. You have a long and productive life ahead of you.  This unplanned pregnancy is just one leg in your life journey.  Every choice you make now will affect your future.  Being a pregnant and/or parenting student is challenging and certainly has its burdens.  We have all heard the negative stigmas associated with pregnant students that include criticisms of irresponsibility, and the challenge of managing studies while pregnant or parenting.  Regardless of its challenges, pregnancy is not a disease, nor does it mean that you have failed.  It doesn’t diminish your personhood. 

You have real choices. You are facing important but difficult decisions.  Pregnancy is not the end of your life.  A woman’s courage to carry her child to term is to be commended.  It shows great responsibility for a woman to protect the life of her child and continue her education.  We can help empower you with information on all your options, including information on the documented benefits and risks associated with adoption, abortion, and parenting.  We are here to help you determine which choice is best for you.  We are here to support you.  If you would like to learn more about all the services and support we offer our compassionate and friendly staff is here to help you

All services are confidential and free of charge. 
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